ownCloud 9 on Zyxel NAS540

This nas comes shipped with ownCloud v7 and they don’t support any newer version.

But luckily its very easy to install ownCloud 9 by (almost) simply replacing v7.
TLDR; Replace v7 installation and use external mysql database with innodb support.
SQLite database works fine though.

Replace 2eb5eb98 with whatever your disk is called in the system.

  1. Install owncloud provided by stock firmware. Just leave it, do not configure anything.
  2. Login with SSH and cd into /i-data/2eb5eb98/.PKG/ownCloud/gui
  3. mv ownCloud/ ownCloud_7_old (or delete)
    curl -O https://download.owncloud.org/community/owncloud-9.1.0.zip -k
    unzip owncloud-9.1.0.zip
    mv owncloud ownCloud
    chown -R nobody:nogroup ownCloud

If you get error 500 on https://NAS:5001/pkg/ownCloud/index.php
Try restarting the ownCloud service from the packages page in the NAS web ui by selecting disable and then enable again.

Now go to the https://NAS:5001/pkg/ownCloud/index.php site and configure your installation. Zyxel was kind enough to install MySQL so you don’t have to rely on silly flat files…but this mysql install doesn’t work with newer ownCloud like v9 because they switched from myisam db engine to innodb, which zyxels mysql doesn’t provide.

So your options here:

  • Use SQLite.
  • Use external database.
  • Upgrade the zyxel mysql to a newer version.

I went for external database on another server, but its nicer to have things consolidated in this case though…


2 thoughts on “ownCloud 9 on Zyxel NAS540

  1. Would you happen to have instructions or any guidance on how to update mySQL? I’ve been searching for days with no luck. Currently have a ZyXel NAS 540.


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