Powerdns 4 – Update slaves after zone2sql

Powerdns has a very nifty tool to import BIND zone files into its database.
It has a problem though, your slaves won’t receive these new zones.

This happens because the zones are inserted as type “Native”, which means that you have to rely on SQL replication or some other way to transfer your new data to the slaves.

Luckily, the fix is rather easy, the following example uses MySQL.

Go to your master server and convert all domains to type MASTER so that pdns will start to notify its slaves about this fabolous happening.

Assuming your master database is called “powerdns-master”:

update `powerdns-master`.domains set type = ‘MASTER’

Now wait a few seconds or minutes and your slaves will recieve notifcations!


Install Oracle VM Manager / Ops Center on Centos 7.2

Oracle VM Manager and Ops Center can without problems (and without official support as well though) be installed on CentOs 7, even if the installers refuse it. Officially supported linux distributions are RHEL and OEL.

This is easily fixed.

VM Server

The installation program uses the python platform library to figure out which linux distribution we are running. It has lots of methods to figure this out, but interestingly the installer discovers thats the server is running CentOS because it reads all file names in /etc/ and stops at centos-release. Remove centos-release from /etc and it will continue until it finds redhat-release file instead and the installer prerequisites has been met.

  1. Temporarily remove the /etc/centos-release file from /etc directory.
  2. Start the VM Server installer.
  3. When installation is done, place the centos-release file in /etc again.

Ops Center

  1. Temporarily remove the /etc/centos-release file from /etc directory.
  2. echo “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo)” > /etc/redhat-release
  3. Start the Ops Center installer.
  4. When installation is done, place the centos-release file there again.
  5. Remove /etc/redhat-release and re-link redhat-release to centos-release