Netbooting NetBSD on Sun Sparcstation 5 and Sun Ultra1

So, this is more a less a quick brain dump from my NetBSD installations on my sparcstation 5 and Ultra 1. I used a Raspberry PI 3 for DHCP/rarpd/tftp/nfs.

I based my installations on the following guides:

Below I just added a few things I thought was missing or unclear from the guides.


08:00:20:xx:xx:xx ss5
08:00:20:xx:xx:xx ultra1

At OK prompt, either start the netbooting with boot net or boot net:dhcp, either works usually.

For Sparc64 install (Ultra 1), when you are asked for the installation media and you choose “local media” then you need to type in :

Base Directory: /
Binary Set Directory: /sparc64/binary/sets/

I did not edit the part about source sets location.


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