SNMPD and other tools on Zyxel NAS540

Sometimes I like to buy solutions that work out of the box, I don’t want to spend time fiddeling with everything. However, I usually end up with buying a solution that does not do what I want out of the box and I spend lots of time fiddeling with it.

This NAS540 was rather cheap and houses 4 bays. It runs some semi-lockedin linux but allows ssh access with the same login for admin/root as the admin login from the web interface so you can easily poke around with its sometimes confusing internals.


There are tons of different 3rd party package managers I believe (or I don’t know what the hell I’m looking at).

The common Optoware is outdated/deprecated. Whats apparently cool now is metarepository which can enable several repositores, and from there you can install Entware-NG which has a crapload of packages, but its missing the glorious nmon so you will have to compile that manually (I did it and it works great).

You can probably install entware-ng without metarepository but using both should be a bit more satisfactory.

So, it starts bad. The official instructions talk about some web_prefix file that we can use to add the repository and make it visible from the filesystem. I never got that working but I found another file that was pointing to official zyxel ftp instead.

In my case, I replaced the line below which was found in /etc/package_src_url


5.11 is the current firmware version on my NAS. Edit to whatever you are running.

So from here you can go into the nas web ui and into packages and hit refresh.
Now your package list will only list MetaRepository. Go ahead and install.
Follow the link in the description field:

Here you can see how it enables several repositories.
My list looks like this:

# Official repository ZyXEL + NAS540
# Local repository
/i-data/sysvol/admin/MyRepo/ Local

Go back and refresh the list in package management. If you still only see MetaRepository, you might need to revert /etc/package_src_url to the stock one and refresh again. Can be a little bit tricky.

So now you should install Entware-ng to get access to even more packages.
randomtools is nice as well since you’ll get rsync and so on.

Now go back into your filthy and moisty shell and install snmpd (prefer statically linked for clandestine environments such as this nas):

/opt/bin/opkg install snmpd-static

Entware creates a symlink to /opt so you can place your snmpd.conf in


You can summon the daemon by invoking:

You might wanna hack togheter an init script for this service.